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shimano MTB GP

On November 7, 2020, Rocky Trail's held Sugar Bag's inaugural Shimano MTB Grand Prix (GP) event. These cross-country events are fun races welcoming all types of racers, from podium chasers and Australia’s elites, to experienced amateur endurance racers and casual racers.

Riders could race for four (GP4) or seven (GP7) hours solo, in relay pairs or teams of three. Categories included age-groups, eBikes and riders on single-speed bikes. The solo rider/relay team in their respective categories/age groups with the most amount of laps completed in the least amount of time within the racing window, wins!

Check out the race report, photos, results and more events from Rocky Trail here.

the race track

  • Track info: 8.8km and 165vm.

  • The Start will be on the bottom power line track and climb up Sour Power to the Event Hub.

  • [Updated 2 Nov 2020]: Due to the impact of the heavy weather the track was diverted around Golden Rough and Rocky Road. After passing through the Event Hub, racers will stay on Milky Way to the start of Syrup.

  • On Syrup after about 200m break out left back onto Milky Way to climb to the start of Sweet Sugar (an excellent passing opportunity). We will use the full Sweet Sugar and when complete cross back over to the second section of Syrup before again climbing the Milky Way  (another good passing opportunity) to the start of Party Mix.

  • Complete all of Party Mix proceed onto Fantales to the bottom power line track. From there, cut onto Willy Wonka and you will join Sour Power under the bridge called The Gateway.

  • Climbing Sour Power will get you back to the Event Hub.

some of our riders

podium finishes

check out the rest of the photos here

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