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clean up AUSTRALIA

Every year for the last five years CORCA have led a “Clean Up Australia Day” activity in and around the Sugar Bag trails.

Keeping our patch clean and rubbish free is something members are passionate about. Being next to a main road, many small pieces of rubbish find their way into the bush around the trails throughout the year. Volunteers who love their local trails spend a few hours collecting the rubbish and dumped items, which are then sorted and piled up for Council removal. We love seeing the paths, trails and natural bushland rubbish-free.

This year, Clean Up Aus Day is on March 1st; however, we will be cleaning up our little patch of bush slightly early, combining the clean up with our first trail care day of the year, on February 22nd, 2020.


Keep an eye on the calendar for more details closer to the day.

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