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CORCA committee

The current committee consists of 16 mountain bikers from a wide background. Each committee member brings to the club a variety of skills, expertise and passion. They make decisions, lead portfolios, facilitate activities and carry out projects that ultimately serve the mountain bike community.




The club continues to build an incredible community, achieving great things because of the committee, club volunteers, and the support of the Sunshine Coast council. Though we have a committee, it takes an entire club of passionate people to maintain and develop our local trails, and to continue building our local mountain bike community.


Get behind us by offering your help as a volunteer. Together we can achieve so much!




I started riding in 2011 when Peter Davies, my then dirt bike buddy, got me into it. In 2012 I did a Firefighter exchange in Whistler and mountain biked all summer. I joined the local MTB club WORCA (1200 strong) and rode every chance I got. Arrived home in Dec 2012 I started developing trails in Sugarbag and adding some timber features. “Build it and they will come”. And they did. The trail building has been a huge amount of work but seeing so many enjoy Sugarbag is very rewarding. Seeing young people off the couch and devices, families spending time together, advanced riders enjoying the unique trails and everyone being healthier and happier is so good. I have loved helping others to get into mountain biking and teaching and encouraging new riders to develop their skills. I enjoy all styles of mountain biking and look forward to riding more and doing a little less trail work in the future.




Hello, I’m from the Gold Coast and still have family there but spent a lot of my adult life overseas before returning and becoming addicted to rock climbing.  I retired to Caloundra, my happy place in 2014 to enjoy kiting and sup surfing.  Three years later, on a borrowed MTB in Ferny Forest I fell in love with the feeling of being on a bike in the bush.  It still delights me each time.  My greatest achievement is having introduced my 2 grandchildren to mountain biking.  I’m on a mission to build my skills and love being part of this enthusiastic, fun loving and encouraging community of The Little Club That Could.




Cert4 in civil construction. Service Delivery Leader. Sunshine Coast Council. Has held positions of both Treasurer and secretary of the “Works Officers Association of Queensland.” Board and swim coach and vice President of Dicky Beach Junior Surf Life Saving Club.


Business Development


Matt started riding about 5 years ago, mainly after discovering the magic of Sugarbag. He is passionate about CORCA to protect and enhance all of the work that has gone into Sugarbag, but also the opportunities created to ride other trails with like minded people. He is always keen (and sometimes too keen) to have a go at new skills and trails, so if you see him around, feel free to tag along.

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Ride Coordinator


 I first dabbled in MTBing in 2007, when I did the Noosa Enduro.  It was an incredible experience, and I was blown away by how very social the ride was.  To the point where I found myself having to remind myself I was actually in a race.  I shared single track with many different folks, exchanging stories, smiles, words of encouragement and a couple of times trail mix or lollies.


Alas, for several years afterwards life got in the way of me continuing to ride. Then, one October day (in 2015) I discovered that there was a Club starting right here in my backyard in Caloundra, and that they were having an open day at Sugarbag Rd.  I tagged along, and have not looked back since.


I still look back on that day and smile.  Being greeted by many warm and welcoming faces (that hasn’t changed), seeing folks of all ages, from young children right through to a much more seasoned generation, and everyone in between.  Riding the trails for the first time, with the support and encouragement of several leaders taking several groups throughout the day.  Watching coaches giving instruction to beginners.


The thing that always makes me smile widest is the memory of a young girl called Laura.  She was astride what looked like her very first MTB (hired), and she was calling out to every single person she passed that “I got a bike!!”, with what has to be the most joyful expression on her face that I have ever seen, before or since.  Her dad was tailing her closely, and it was clear she had several physical and mental challenges.  Nobody blinked an eye, and every person that looked her way had a smile, a cheer, an encouraging comment.  She is my favourite memory from that day.  And epitomises for me what this Club is all about.

Since that day I have gained fitness, skills, confidence, memories, laughter, and the friendship of some truly incredible folks.  I have never been a part of a sports club before.  I love the community I have the privilege of being a part of, I am passionate about encouraging women to get off road and discover the joys of the trails for themselves. 


And the icing on the proverbial?  The mental strength being involved in MTBing and this Club in particular have given me.  It allows me to face my challenges head on, and I know that no matter how difficult things seem, the trails are always there for when I gain a window to go for a ride.  When I am riding, whether in company or on my own, I can leave everything else behind.  I have discovered it is impossible to ride without smiling so hard that my cheeks ache at the end of each and every ride.


Trails Officer


Age: 48

Been riding Mountain Bikes for 20 years and still have the first MTB bike I bought in California 20 years ago. 

Really enjoy all aspects of mountain biking except riding uphill. 


Trails Officer


10yr MTB’ing, CORCA member and enjoy all things about our sport.
One of our many trail builders. Love building features that people can safely challenge themselves on and enjoy. I get to build as well as ride these trails. Win win situation. Love the club atmosphere and the people involved. Very friendly community.


Youth Development Officer


Bio pending ...


General Committee Member


My name is Natalie Bellchambers, I’m originally from Tasmania but have spent many of the past 25 years living in different towns in Queensland and WA as well as two years in London. I have always been an active person, with many years as a runner, but since discovering mountain biking in around October 2016, I haven’t looked back. Mountain biking is much more than just a form of exercise, it’s a fun and exhilarating way to keep fit. Being a member of CORCA is like being part of a very supportive and encouraging family.


General Committee Member


Vintage: Age-ed
Lives: Caloundra
Mountain bike mottos “It’s all relative, many skills maketh the mountain biker” and “Just because I can, doesn’t mean I should”. Mountain biking for 7ish years.
Favourite rides on the Sunshine Coast. Parkies, closely followed by Parkies and Parkies coming in a close third. Did I mention Parkies? In all seriousness though, we’re pretty spoilt for choice here. Sugars is an easy 5 minute ride from my front door, Ferny Forest great for letting off a bit of steam, Boneyards keeps it interesting and all without a major drive.
Rides: Eric, my Trek Fuel 9.8 and Jack, the beautiful Niner SS. BUT if the surf’s good the SUP usually gets the gig.
Occupation: Remedial massage therapist

Join us on our next ride!

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