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Pre-Ride Bike Check

  • Wheels secure and not rubbing on brakes

  • Tyres inflated correctly

  • Brakes working

  • Bar ends in place

  • Chain oiled and cleaned

  • Gears changing properly

  • Suspension check

  • Nothing loose

Essential Tools & Spares

  • Bike tube

  • Tyre levers

  • Mini pump or CO2 inflator

  • Multi tool with a chain breaker

  • Chain quick link

  • Mobile phone that is charged

On Long Rides / Away From Vehicle + Help

  • First Aid kit

  • Puncture Repair Kit

  • Spare derailleur hanger

  • Needle pliers

  • Zip ties

  • Duct tape

Hydration + Nutrition

  • Water (enough for the ride + extra)

  • Gels and/or snacks (when the ride is 2+ hours)

Suggested Apps

Best trail map application, can be used for self-guiding in unknown trail networks

Geo location information for Emergency Services in case of accident

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