RIDE calendar


In addition to our regular Saturday morning club rides, where we head out to a different trail network each week between Noosa and Brisbane, we run women-centred rides, fun and instructional mornings for kids, weekends away getting dirty, and various social and special events throughout the year.


By varying the location of our rides we are able to cater to all skill levels, fitness and riding style - including downhill, enduro and cross-country. Some rides will not be appropriate for beginner riders, and certain terrain may require a certain level of fitness - the ride info will specify such details.


Click on an event to learn more (who, what, when, where, etc.). Each ride is colour-coded, according to below:

BLUE - CORCA Saturday Ride

RED - Women On Wheels


GREEN - Dirty Weekend

PURPLE - Social Event

YELLOW - Special Event



CORCA Ride Planners schedule a wide variety of social rides that keep us coming back week after week.


Every Saturday the CORCA crew meets at a different location to ride the great choice of trails we have on the Sunshine Coast and within 1.5hrs drive.

Whatever your skill and fitness level we aim to offer exciting rides that will challenge and keep you improving while supporting and encouraging beginners.

Come and join us for one of our “Saturday Big Adventures”!

For insurance purposes we prefer you have MTBA membership, so we are all covered. See our membership details for instructions.

DIRTY weekends

Once every six weeks or so we travel away with tents, caravans and vans to ride the trails that are too far from the coast for just a day trip.

Some of our most fun DIRTY weekends include Hidden Vale, Toogoom, Toogoolawah, Nerang, Rainbow Beach + many more!

Keep an eye on our Calendar and FB page for news on the next DIRTY weekend away!

women supporting women

in a safe, inclusive, positive and encouraging environment.


As the daughter of our parent Club, Caloundra Off-Road Cycling Association (CORCA), we formed to create an encouraging and supportive group for women to get together and Mountain Bike in South East Queensland.

We love the diversity of the women who come along to ride.  We are from all walks of life, all ages, and a wide variety of fitness (or not) backgrounds.  It is truly delightful seeing how a lot of stereotypes are kicked to the curb within our group.  Don’t think that you are too old, too unfit, too timid or too unco-ordinated to be able to ride.  Almost all of us have ticked one or all of these boxes, and have gone on to benefit enormously because of our tenacity and willingness to learn.  There is no timeline, no pressure, no ego.  Just a desire to enjoy our gorgeous trails, share a laugh, and take a step outside of the challenges of our everyday to reconnect with ourselves.

We are all constantly improving, and every single one of us remembers what it was like to be a beginner.  This has resulted in a great deal of compassion, patience and passion to pass on the joy of progress to those who are at the beginning their journey.  That is such an exciting place to be, with so much yet to be discovered.

Our rides are tailored to those who turn up on the day, and we are very happy to break into groups that will allow both beginners and more experienced riders to challenge themselves according to their abilities, or sometimes just to drop it down a notch and enjoy a social ride.

The Sunshine Coast offers up so many wonderful trails for us to enjoy and play on, and not much further afield we have many wonderful options also available in South East Queensland.  It is an exciting time to be a woman getting into MTBing, as there is a veritable wave of women forming groups not only throughout Australia, but internationally, which means we can tap into the sisterhood to take our hobby further afield while travelling.

Women-specific events are on the rise, and these events give us gals an opportunity to challenge ourselves, or approach them as more of a “taste of a race” and treat it as a social ride.  Ultimately, you can go back each year and use them as a ruler with which to measure your progress; in skill, confidence, speed and ability.  The possibilities are endless.

If you love the outdoors, want to improve your fitness or are looking for a way to improve your mental health.  Come.  Join us.


The kids of CORCA members (and their friends) enjoy a social and structured group ride every 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month. Whether your little

one can push themselves along on a balance bike, or your young adult is

in high school and wants some

mates to ride with, we've got a

great morning planned for them!

Our trained instructors

(many of whom are parents

themselves) plan unique and

engaging sessions on each of the

Sundays, ensuring the young riders

stay safe, interested, challenged

and, of course, having a

bucket-load of fun!

CORCA kids

Ages 4-7/8-12