Our Mission

It is the mission of CORCA to partner with the Sunshine Coast Council to develop and maintain the Sugarbag Rd trails network to a high sustainable standard and to grow CORCA into a vibrant mountain bike community that encourages and supports all levels of riding abilities by facilitating a wide variety of mountain biking activities.

We Value

CORCA members respect others, respect nature and respect our trails. We aim to support new and existing mountain bike riders in a safe, inclusive and positive environment.

Our Purpose

Our simple purpose is developing, preserving and maintaining mountain bike trails, primarily but not exclusively the Sugarbag Mountain Bike Trails network and to build a vibrant mountain bike community. Below are CORCAs written objectives as stated in our Incorporated Association application.

  • To promote and advocate for mountain biking within the local community, for the benefit for health, wellbeing, enjoyment and community building
  • To facilitate group activities through mountain biking, trail care and social events
  • To promote environmental preservation and stewardship through the adoption of responsible principles for mountain biking, trail development and trail care
  • To seek financial support through grants, sponsorship and membership to enable sport development including maintenance of local mountain bike trails
  • To represent the mountain bike community in dealing with government, community, land holders, peak bodies and individuals
  • To provide the opportunity for development of mountain bike skills
  • To foster and develop junior mountain bikers and provide racing opportunities.

Our Vision

It is our vision to see Sugarbag mountain bike park further developed to include new areas like a car park, pump track, skills park, dedicated green trail, downhill trail and more. We see CORCA becoming a large mountain bike community that meets the needs of mountain bike riders of all ages and ability.


Our President started to develop a network of mountain bike trails at the Sugarbag Rd reserve at the end of 2012. Mountain bikers started finding these trails and also offered to help develop more. “Build it and they will come.”

A few of us had some meetings with Council and presented with a 615 strong petition to preserve this area for mountain biking and to seek custodianship of the reserve from the State.

Why did we start CORCA? With the need to preserve our local trails network at Sugarbag Rd it was necessary to become an Incorporated Association to be able to deal with Governments, both local and State and other stakeholders in a professional manner.

In doing so we formed a management committee and began to build a community of mountain bikers that were also interested in preserving and developing our local trails network, getting together and enjoying riding and building a community of mountain bikers.

CORCA Management Committee

Stephen (Ozzie) Ossedryver
Stephen (Ozzie) Ossedryver - President
I started riding in 2011 when Peter Davies, my then dirt bike buddy, got me into it.
In 2012 I did a Firefighter exchange in Whistler and mountain biked all summer. I joined the local MTB club WORCA (1200 strong) and rode every chance I got.
Arrived home in Dec 2012 I started developing trails in Sugarbag and adding some timber features. “Build it and they will come”. And they did.
The trail building has been a huge amount of work but seeing so many enjoy Sugarbag is very rewarding. Seeing young people off the couch and devices, families spending time together, advanced riders enjoying the unique trails and everyone being healthier and happier is so good.
I have loved helping others to get into mountain biking and teaching and encouraging new riders to develop their skills.
I enjoy all styles of mountain biking and look forward to riding more and doing a little less trail work in the future.
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Julia Lendvai
Julia Lendvai- Secretary
Age: 57
Day Job: Adult Education (L&D) and Personal Trainer/Spin and yoga instructor
Live in Caloundra (Sugar Bag trails are my local)
Favourite trail – Syrup!
How long have I been riding mtb? I started 3 years ago by mistake! After saying for years that no one would ever, ever, ever, ever get me on an mtb, I entered an adventure race thinking I would only be ‘orienteering’ on foot. Oooops. I discovered the mtb leg was my favourite bit!
About my riding: I’m a cautious but enthusiastic rider, and my skills and confidence are improving every time I head out on the trails.
Why I love riding: It’s free (well apart from the equipment and gear of course), we ride outside in nature and get to enjoy this amazing place we live in.
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Robert Steggal
Robert Steggal- Treasurer
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Joe Cartwright
Joe Cartwright - Trails Officer
10yr MTB’ing, CORCA member and enjoy all things about our sport.
One of our many trail builders. Love building features that people can safely challenge themselves on and enjoy. I get to build as well as ride these trails. Win win situation. Love the club atmosphere and the people involved. Very friendly community.
Matt Winterburn
Matt Winterburn- General Duties
Matt Dawson
Matt Dawson- Business Development
Matt started riding about 5 years ago, mainly after discovering the magic of Sugarbag. He is passionate about CORCA to protect and enhance all of the work that has gone into Sugarbag, but also the opportunities created to ride other trails with like minded people. He is always keen (and sometimes too keen) to have a go at new skills and trails, so if you see him around, feel free to tag along.
Julia Lendvai
Julia Lendvai- Women's Officer (WOW)
I love supporting our women riders, whether they are new to our sport or experienced riders! We meet monthly for a women’s only ride (the boys are a bit jealous) and usually finish off our ride with a coffee and a chat 🙂
Clare Burns
Clare Burns - Rides & Calendar Officer
Vintage: Age-ed
Lives: Caloundra
Mountain bike mottos “It’s all relative, many skills maketh the mountain biker” and “Just because I can, doesn’t mean I should”. Mountain biking for 7ish years.
Favourite rides on the Sunshine Coast. Parkies, closely followed by Parkies and Parkies coming in a close third. Did I mention Parkies? In all seriousness though, we’re pretty spoilt for choice here. Sugars is an easy 5 minute ride from my front door, Ferny Forest great for letting off a bit of steam, Boneyards keeps it interesting and all without a major drive.
Rides: Eric, my Trek Fuel 9.8 and Jack, the beautiful Niner SS. BUT if the surf’s good the SUP usually gets the gig.
Occupation: Remedial massage therapist
Kane Bradshaw
Kane Bradshaw- Communications
18 months ago I did my first adventure race and got introduced to Mountain Biking and fell in love. Grew up riding dirt and road bikes and this was a perfect fit, whilst keeping fit. Formerly an avid runner, I’ve always loved anything that lets you push oneself and hang out with great people at the same time.
Nathan Allen- Youth development & Racing
Age: 24 yrs Young.
Occupation: Small Engine Mechanic.
Riding MTB for 3 years now! Come from Moto background.
Love the sport of MTB, great fitness and social networking, and all round it’s awesome fun! Limited racing so far in the XCO race scene, but am keen on the Gravity Enduro scene for fun as well.
Have been involved in local youth groups and programs as a volunteer for the last 6 years or so. I am passionate about developing the up and coming generation of mountain bikers.
Ian Gore
Ian Gore- General Duties
From the Bristol in the Uk but moved to Caloundra over 10 years ago.
Got into mtb after being persuaded by an ex pat mate to give it a go, that was 2 years ago and I haven’t looked back since. Not the most skilled rider by a long shot but I have a go. Prefer XC riding and long slogs ! Not keen on downhill at all… prefer to try and ride up it !
Sugarbag is my local trail, an easy 10 min ride from my front door. I’m a driver trainer by profession and I’m passionate about our club, our trails, our members and promoting them. Keen to see more people take up the sport and to encourage beginners like me to have a go and feel safe about trying.

Working Groups

Held on a regular basis, approximately every 2 months, or as needed to plan and make decisions on various CORCA responsibilities and activities including trail work, rides and events, Council requirements, financial matters, club development and generally moving forward on many fronts.

Held periodically to inform members on club matters, involve all interested members in decisions that require more input and ideas , to invite special guests and to vote on special resolutions.

Held within 6 months of the financial year and is a statement to members about CORCA’s financial position and the activities and achievements of the previous year. The AGM is an opportunity for the incorporated association to o

The Sugar Bag Town Reserve (SBTR) Working Group shall be formed & operate for the term of the MoU and shall:

  1. Comprise the following members or their delegates:
    1. President of CORCA
    2. One other nominated CORCA steering committee member
    3. Sunshine Coast Council’s Senior Natural Areas Operations Officer
    4. Sunshine Coast Regional Council’s Recreation Trails Activation Officer
    5. Others by mutual agreement of the parties
  2. Meet at a minimum six monthly, or as required with minutes distributed within 10 working days of each meeting.
  3. Be chaired by the parties on an alternating basis.
  4. Be responsible for the implementation and review of this MoU.
  5. The SCC Recreation Trails Activation Officer shall be the primary point of contact for CORCA and its members on matters of significance outside of the groups meetings.
  6. Regular communication between the parties is encouraged, either between CORCA members and local SCC staff; or between Working Group members.

Of all the paths you take in life, make sure a few of them are dirt.

John Muir

It’s not the mountain we conquer but ourselves.

Sir Edmund Hillary

The secret to mountain biking is pretty simple. The slower you go the more likely it is you’ll crash.

Juli Furtado

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