Sugar Bag Trails Overview

Trail 1 Sweet sugar

A blue rated trail with optional black rated TTFs for intermediate to advanced riders. Incorporates ladders, bridges and log rides that offer fun and challenge.

Trail 2 – Party mix

A trail that offers something for everyone rider levels. Green, blue and black rated options that incorporates 20 TTFs. Can be ridden both ways but has been designed to be started from the trail head.

Trail 3 – Syrup

A short blue rated flow trail that incorporates jumps, rollers and berms. This trail can be rolled slowly or launched at speed and is fun for all levels. One way only (down).

Trail 4 – Honeycomb

A blue rated natural contour XC trail that switches back and forth across the slope. Incorporates off camber narrow single track, bridges rock garden and optional TTFs. Can be ridden both directions.

Trail 5 – Rocky Road

A blue rated trail that incorporates an optional rock drop, rock garden and meanders to link other signature trails. The bottom section is often ridden both directions to link to trail 4 and to ride trail 6 upwards.

Trail 6 – Golden Rough

A black rated natural terrain XC trail that follows the natural contours features found in the area and includes rocks, logs, rock gardens and short pinch climbs. Can be ridden both directions for a better workout.

Trail 7 – Toffee

A Blue rated trail that links trail 5 and 6 with trial 10 and the playground (8)

Trail 8 – The Playground

A black rated naturally rough area that incorporates double black diamond features offering multiple ways off the side of the top. Utilises natural rocks with ladders, bridges and skinny’s to offer challenge for advanced riders.

Trail 9 – Sour Power

A multi-use fire road that offers a naturally technical climb back up to Milky way or a rough decent when ridden down.

Trail 10 – Willy wonka

A multi-use trail that turns and winds through.

Trail 11 – Milky Way

A multi-use commuter trail that keeps riders off the path when accessing trail 9,6,5,4,3 and the main trail head.

Trail 12 – Sugar Rush

A multi-use trail that is used to access trail 2 trailhead, the jump line and the way back up from many trails.

The drop-in-clinic

A Double black rated natural ledge that offers multiple ways to drop in for advanced riders.